Introducing the Darlington Kitty

Introducing the Darlington Kitty

No website is truly complete without the gratuitous kitty photo. Here is the Darlington Kitty. She is the only pet in the house and she is spoiled rotten – as every kitty should be.


9 thoughts on “Introducing the Darlington Kitty

    • Thanks, but don’t tell her. It goes straight to her head and she’s already a spoiled rotten little princess. LOL!

    • She is the sweetest little thing. I have never had a cat before this one. When I went to the shelter to pick out a new “baby,” one of the volunteers told me the same thing. She said gray cats tend to be so loving and she was spot on with this one. She follows me from room to room like a shadow. Thanks for commenting!

    • She’s a handful, Jamie. I usually keep the blinds pulled up about 6 inches so she can see outside the widow without destroying the blinds. Today I kept hearing her rattle the blinds and when I found her she was trying to jump through the closed window to attack a bird outside. This is one of the many reasons we have affectionately nicknamed her Dum Dum!

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