Today’s Chore


UGH!  I soooo don’t wanna, but I must.  This is half of my garage. Unfortunately, I really need to park a car in here. Today’s chore is to deal with the clutter and make room for the car. Most of the boxes are empty, so I just need to break them down and take them to the dump for recycling. Other things….I don’t know where I’m going to put them.

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Today’s Chore

  1. Hi . You left a comment on my blog posting about the agave plant. Since you are a no-reply blogger I couldn’t respond to you via email. I couldn’t find an email for you on your blog either, so I am answering your question here about the agave nectar. The agave nectar (syrup) does come from the stalk before it flowers. Sap runs in the stalk before it flowers and the syrup is extracted then. The leaves of the agave plant are edible too and the stalk is also very fibrous and the fibers can be used to make baskets, rope and other items.

    • Thank you for hunting me down. I really enjoyed your photo and post on the agave plant. You are very knowledgable about them and it was so educational to see your picture. As I said before, I had no idea they grew so tall, but I do know the nectar is sweet and delicious. Thanks for letting me know about the no-reply status as well….I’ll work on that. I’ve recently started using this platform at wordpress instead of blogger and I’m still learning.

    • Oh, Jamie….This is just one area full of my clutter. I have two other rooms inside that need de-cluttering! It is good to know I am not alone though!

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