Burgers on the Grill

Hubby is manning the grill at Darlington today and I am in love all over again.  He is making bacon cheese burgers.  I know it is terribly unhealthy and we should be ashamed for consuming, red meat, fattening cheese, artery clogging bacon and potato chips in a single meal.  But come on….doesn’t it look delicious!?!?!?

DSC_0035Would you think better of me if I told you that I served them on whole wheat burger buns that are only 80 calories a bun?  Oh, and I also had veggies….lettuce and tomato!

DSC_0037Yeah…I didn’t think you would buy it, but I had to try to make myself feel better.  I’m off to recline now so my body can better absorb the fat!  Before I go though, admit it….you want one and you know everything is better with a little bacon, right????


3 thoughts on “Burgers on the Grill

  1. It does look delicious, and why should we feel ashamed for enjoying (in moderation) all of the good food and good cooking that’s out there? My cardiologist would argue against it, but I guess that’s what I pay him for… he is such an old nag. Thanks for posting this inspiration for “what’s for supper?” I’m off to do some menu planning for the weekend.

    • Thanks for popping over and leaving a message, Jo. Just today hubby received some grill pans in the mail. Rumor has it some heart healthy fish and veggies will be next up on the grill now that he is armed with the proper equipment!

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