Annual Christmas Party

Whew….We are exhausted.  I suppose a hostess shouldn’t admit exhaustion following a party, but that is what I am.

Last night we hosted our annual Christmas party for my husband’s office.  Guests arrived at 6 and the last trickled out the door at 10.  Of course, food was the main attraction.  We set up a buffet in the kitchen.


On the menu:


Italian Stuffed Salad Shells


Stuffed Mushrooms

Chicken Fingers

Red Velvet Cake

Snickers Brownies


Fresh Fruit


Stuffed salad shells and stuffed mushrooms seem to have been the menu favorites.  As for me, my favorite part of the evening was sitting with guest in the dining room.  Their laughter and story telling coupled with the candlelight and the relaxed atmosphere of the evening made me proud to be part of such an event.  Some say the food makes the party – others the hooch.  Me?  I think it is the people who make the party a success.  I’m tremendously thankful to be surrounded by so much love, intelligence, support and friendship.  I can’t wait until our next gathering!

Stick around…next week I will give you a tour of the Darlington Christmas trees and later I’ll share with you my goals for next year.


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