Inbox Overload

Wow!  I don’t know about your inbox/blog reader, but mine is overflowing with bloggers posting their goals for 2014.  What is it about new beginnings that we find so attractive? Ever notice how we want to make big changes and resolutions at the start of a new year? Or how we want to wait to start our diet at the first of the week?  It seems that we are always on a quest for newness when there is a sweet comfort in the pace of our everyday lives.

I have a few things I want to accomplish this year, but I made this list with the careful awareness that I like the woman I am today. How often do we make resolutions based on some idealized fantasy of the woman we want to become?  I think the reason so many resolutions fail is because they fall far from our authentic selves.  Rather than making a list of goals, I decided to do two things this year.  First, I have established a word for the year to help focus and guide my choices.  Second, I have created a list of 14 things I want to do in 2014.

My word for the year is LIVE (liv).  I want to embrace every precious moment God gives me this year and I want to live life to the fullest.  I battle with depression from time to time and during these times it is easy to forget the value of life.  Think of the person who is dying of cancer begging God for just one more day with family.  To waste the gift of a day seems like such a waste of life.  This year, I pray that I can fully live every second of every day.

As for my list….Here are my 14 things for 2014.  Some of these items will not strike you as very exciting because they concern my day job, but I wanted to share my entire list with you and journal about it to increase my accountability.

  1. Publish 6 peer reviewed journal articles for the day job!
  2. Submit 1 federal grant application.
  3. Complete at least twelve quilt/sewing related projects.
  4. Take an Alaskan cruise.
  5. Blog weekly.
  6. Finally take the leap and start the online business of my dreams
  7. Try two new recipes a month.
  8. Attend the local quilt guild to make quilty face-to-face friends.
  9. Go out with friends at least once a month.
  10. Take care of myself by getting a mammogram and pap smear this year!
  11. Focus on redesigning/redecorating one area of my home each month.
  12. Attend the Paducah Quilt Show.
  13. Attend an off-broadway show.
  14. Volunteer with older adults.

2 thoughts on “Inbox Overload

  1. Oh, please take care of your health. I had a breast reduction in 1991. After I had it, I was requested to have a new baseline mammogram which I did. I have very sensitive skin and the technician was not very adept at the time. She bruised me. I flippantly made the remark that I would rather die of breast cancer than ever have another mammogram. I just didn’t bother to have another mammogram for years and years. I was busy traveling with my job out of town and being after being divorced, trying to maintain the status quo for my two children. After my job ended, I went to the doctor because I felt lousy. I thought he was going to tell me I had diabetes because it runs so rampantly on both sides of my family. That was ten years ago and thankfully I still do not have diabetes. I don’t even remember what he told me that day about why I felt lousy. Then I asked if he would look at a knot I had practically on my side at the corner of my breast. He said he thought it was scar tissue from my breast reduction and then he said no, it wasn’t. He said he wanted me to go to the best person in the state to have a mammogram and a biopsy. Just from the tone of his voice, I already knew in my heart that I had breast cancer. A week later, on Friday I had a mammogram and a biopsy. Monday morning at 7:30 am the phone rang and the doctor at the breast center called to tell me I had breast cancer and I needed to see a surgeon. I had a lumpectomy. Then I saw an oncologist. I had chemotherapy and radiation for stage 2+ breast cancer. That was 10 years ago. Most people take oral anti-estrogen therapy for 5 years. I am such high risk that I am still taking the oral anti-estrogen therapy and will for at least another year. I am blessed to have four grandchildren that I would never have seen if I had not had wonderful care and known the Great Physician. Six weeks after being diagnosed with breast cancer I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. There are lots of challenges and every day is a blessing. Praying for you to have a Peaceful, productive, publishing 2014.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Susan. Like you, I have just allowed life to happen without being proactive about preventative screenings. I moved and I’ve been too lazy to contact my old center for a copy of my records. Isn’t that a sorry excuse? I’ll make it a priority this week!

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