Current WIP

After forking out a LOT of money for that beautiful Bernina 750 QE, I could hardly wait to spend the day sewing and getting acquainted with my new machine.  I’d like to say we had a good time together, but all I can say at the moment is that I purchased a dud.  When we plugged it in, the LED lights would flicker for a moment and then nothing… lights, no screen display, no sewing.  Of course, I had to wait until today to contact the shop where we purchased the machine.  They told me to bring it in.  I did – hoping they would be able to fix it on the spot with a new power chord or something, but instead I was told it would have to wait for an update by a Bernina technician next week.  How very disappointing!

Oh well….at least I still have my old machine.  Look what I’ve been working on lately.




I think they are lovely.  I often see a block design that I like and then I never get around to making it.  I decided it was time to make a sampler quilt just for me, made up of blocks I love.  The fabric line is scrumptious and most of the block designs come from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks.  I love that magazine!  Don’t you?  I recently purchased an electronic copy of the first 10 volumes.  I love having templates at the click of a button rather than having to cut them from the magazine.

I’ll leave you with one parting shot… this the most disgusted looking elf or what!?!?!



5 thoughts on “Current WIP

  1. I .ove the blcoks.So beautiful.
    It is very frustrating, a new, expensive sewing machine and it is not sewing. My dealer takes his time to fix my machine too. I hope you have back your machine soon.

    Love from Amsterdam

    I do not agree with the elf.

    • Thanks, Amsterdam! It turns out the machine had to be replaced. I’m waiting on the replacement now. Hopefully, I will be able to play with it this weekend. Stay warm.

  2. I have been told by several people that the Bernina isn’t what it used to be. I know someone who traded her new Bernina in for a totally different brand. And they are so expensive! I have a Babylock and I have never had problems with it. Good luck with yours. Hopefully this is just a one time thing

    • Oh, Barbara…I hope you are wrong about Bernina. I invested too much money in them this time. We will see. In the meantime, it’s just me and a singer working it out.

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