Looking Ahead

In thinking about my goals for 2015 and the first quarter of the year, I have two projects I’d like to work on consistently.  The first is the sampler quilt I’ve been talking about recently.  I have three more blocks completed….only four more to go and then I am ready to assemble the quilt top.  As I said before, I hope to finish up the quilt top in January and have it quilted and completed by the end of the first quarter of 2015.  DSC_0001

The second project I will be working on during the first quarter of 2015, is an elongated hexi quilt, also known as a coffin quilt.  I started working on this project with my grandmother became ill.  She has since passed, but I would like to finish the project.  It will be a king size quilt for the master bedroom.  I will be doing quite a bit of traveling for work the first quarter of the year so this will be a perfect project to work on in the hotel.


Christmas break is coming to a close and still no Bernina.  The technician was unable to repair her so I am waiting on a replacement from the manufacturer.  It is very disappointing to have to sew on my brother, but at least I have the brother to keep me going.  I had visions of getting to know the Bernina over break.  Oh well.  That’s it from Darlington.  More to come.


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